“Must-do” tactics to network on Linkedin

Do you find yourself disconnected in the world of linkedin? Are you in need of making your linkedin profile standout among the thousands in your field? Here are seven tips to make your profile look seamlessly perfect.
  1. Picture for Success
In a world where your picture makes the first impression, if not the last, it is important to have a professional profile picture. The profile picture will be the window that will attract other networkers to peep into the details of your profile. Thus, it is important that your complete attire and look is professional.
  1. Eye-catching headline
The headline could be the only thing that a potential employer or a networker is likely to read in your whole linkedin profile. Therefore, it is crucial that the headline is unique, speaks about your credibility, and most importantly is interesting for readers to go further into your profile.
  1. Smart summary
A well organized summary, most likely in bullet form and depicts your success and experiences will obviously stand out compared to some verbose overview of the same old thing. Look for ways to highlight your specialties using frequently used keywords, focus on your unique selling competency and share links related to your field of work.
  1. Update basic information
The basic information needs updating on a regular basis. Keeping the name simple, making sure that the job title is easily understood and customizing your public profile link are some of the basics that needs to be taken care of.
  1. Review and preview before view
Edit for spelling, grammar and punctuation before going for the final shot of the profile. Nothing puts down more than a silly mistake within the profile. It displays a lack of professionalism and effort.
  1. Share links and articles
Sharing interesting blog posts or articles on your linkedin profile portrays you as active and engages you to audiences relevant to your professional arena. This helps in enhancing your visibility and connects with many with similar interests.  
  1. Ask for recommendations
Recommendations play a vital role in bringing in positivity to a mundane profile. It gives audiences a look into the individual through the eyes of others. Hence, do not hesitate to ask for recommendations. The key is to request many people who you have worked with to recommend as only few might actually submit a recommendation. And do not forget to return back the favor by scripting nice recommendations to others.

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