Six new rules for effective customer service

“Your customers are responsible for your company’s reason for existing” —–Marilyn Suttle—-   To rise and shine for a modern company means to fashion out joyful customers. Ever wondered what makes a “joyful customer” real? Just follow the following rules and voila, nothing will stop you.   Rule # 1: Be passionate Nothing worthwhile is ever completed without a touch of passion. The zeal is what makes the company running in the long run. Be passionate about your company, your products and services and it will pass down to your customers as well.   Rule # 2: Happy employees equal happy customers Craft an environment of happiness within the company. Take care of your employees and look for ways to make them content. They are your brand ambassadors and hence make them feel proud of working for you. In most cases your happy employees won’t disappoint you and will help in multifold ways to create happy customers.   Rule # 3: Manners matter A simple smile and a pleasant personality is a vital tool for effective customer service. Nothing is more displeasing than rude behavior and indifference from the customer service representatives. Therefore, never undermine the utilization of resources to train employees in building good manners. Never forget, “Do Unto others what you want for yourself”   Rule # 4: Create moments for beautiful memories Individual experiences are the life of customer service. Creating positive journey for clients throughout their connection with the company helps in generating some amazing moments to cherish. Not only will this produce loyalty but will also help in building enthusiasts who can never stop talking about you. Hence, through the positive word of mouth, you can actually help build advertisers through your customers themselves.   Rule # 5: A little personal touch often helps Your customers are individuals with their own dreams, hopes and passions. They have their own beliefs, wants and needs. Customizing your service a little to cater to those little needs, touching a little into the personal lives of those individuals will create an enlivening encounter for them. Be a little personal and watch your customers beam with happiness of being touched inside out.   Rule # 6: Relationship counts Focus on building relationships with customers instead of just selling products. Follow the basic rules of relationship- trust, sensitivity, a little care, loyalty and being connected. No matter what business you are in, the benefits of building amazing relationships with customers stay on forever.

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